AZTRONIX is a Total Solutions and Professional Services
provider and high quality custom Original Equipment
Manufacturer specializing in heavy duty commercial,
industrial, aerospace, expedition and military systems.

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AZTRONIX Systems are precisely built to our customers
demanding specifications

Our products are rugged and field tested tough.
We build systems for Industrial, Commercial, Government and
Military use.
AZTRONIX systems are optimized for harsh hostile environment
AZTRONIX is 100% veteran owned and everything we
manufacture is built as though our lives depend upon it.  
AZTRONIX is a Services Provider & OEM manufacturer you can

AZTRONIX Rugged Systems and Solutions require rugged
reliable raw materials and components Vendors - in
conjunction with  our Teaming Partners we offer free of
charge our SWIFT "Source With In Fifty Two" hours portal
for the highest quality raw material metal products and
services including precision Smelters, Foundries, Mills,
Manufacturers, Machinists and Fabricators in the USA and
TAA (Trade Agreement Act) trading partner countries

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603-397-0960  Aztronix Sales

Mike Russo, President & CEO (SDVOSB)
Tel: 603-397-0960

The Founder and AZTRONIX CEO, Mike Russo served as a combat
information systems hardware and software expert aboard high-speed
nuclear fast attack submarines in the US Navy.  He held a Top Secret
clearance and became nuclear fast attack submarine qualified.  His more
recent activities include Internet Security management expert for a
major teaching hospital complex at Harvard Medical School and Cyber-
Security Architect at leading edge secure Data Storage Services and
secure network technology companies.  Our CEO is responsible for
developing, communicating and realizing the Aztronix vision of total
solutions and cyber
-security services from A to Z for our clients.  
Aztronix is a VA CVE legally verified SDVOSB.


  • Rugged Mobile Laser CAD
  • Rugged Hand Held Wireless
  • Data Acquisition
  • Field Rated Servers
  • Field Rated PCs/Notebooks
  • Field Rated Displays
  • Mobile Shock Mounted Systems
  • Rugged Video Surveillance
  • Rugged Direct to Disk Video
  • Rugged Streaming Video
  • Rugged HPC Clusters
  • Rugged Video Displays
  • SCADA Systems
  • PLC Systems
  • Embedded PCs
  • Panel PCs
  • Compact PCI Systems
  • PC 104 Systems
  • Single Board Computers
  • Fanless CUBE Computers
  • Fanless Box Computers
  • Rugged Wall Mount Computers
  • Rugged Lunch Box Computers
  • IP66 Systems
  • HDTV
  • MIL-STD-810E
  • MIL-STD-461
  • Medical Monitors
  • NEMA 4x Systems
  • Industrial Workstations
  • Industrial HPC Servers
  • Industrial Data Storage
  • Industrial CLusters
  • Rugged 19" Rack Mount Industrial